John Legend Talks Balancing Humorous Content Amid Nationwide Protests

John Legend shared his thoughts on how society should balance humorous content while protests following the death of George Floyd still continue throughout the nation.

Legend, the executive producer for "Sherman's Showcase," discussed how it's essential for people to create joyful content amid the vital protests happening across the United States, reported Page Six.

The singer participated in a discussion on "ATX TV from the Couch," where the moderator asked Legend how to create entertaining content. Legend said that everyone still has their sense of humor.

"We still think there's a lot in the world to talk about and make fun of and there's a lot of joy we can share with other people, and I think it's important to continue to share that joy, that laughter with intelligence and with an eye to what's going on in the world, but people still need to laugh and enjoy themselves," Legend said.

Legend continued to say that artists in music and entertainment must always "show the fullness of what it is to be black and human."

Legend is not the only celebrity that has voiced his opinion during this time.

Several protests have broken out across the country since many saw George Floyd, an unarmed black man, die in police custody.

Former President Obama as well as high-profile athletes and actors turned to social media to voice their outrage over Floyd's death.

Reese Witherspoon also revealed that she had a meaningful conversation with her son, Tennessee. The actress wants parents to talk to their children about racism, hate, and privilege after the death of Floyd.

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