Viral map shows the most popular Thanksgiving pie in each state

By 100.3 Jack FM

As Thanksgiving approaches, many begin thinking about the favorite food item they wait for all year.

With so many different items on a traditional Thanksgiving menu, it’s hard for some to even choose a favorite. Luckily, Instagram has released a map showing the most popular Thanksgiving pie for each state, so those cooking won’t have to worry about making something most of their guests won’t like.

The viral map shows each state's favorite pie, giving eight different options to choose from: cranberry, cherry, pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato, blueberry, strawberry, and apple, reports NBC.

According to the map, pecan pie is the favorite choice of southern states like Texas, though it also makes an appearance in Indiana. Neighbors California, Nevada, and Arizona prefer pumpkin pie, while 14 states like the tart taste of cranberry pie. Sweet potato pie sweeps into second place with 11 states declaring it their favorite. Connecticut was the only state to select apple pie as their favorite of the sweet treats.

Instagram used likes and mentions of pie flavors over the last month to find the most popular choice for each state. While many agreed with their state’s favorite, of course some disagreed as well.

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