D.A.: By Trading For Foles, Bears Admit Trubisky Is A Bust

By CBS Sports Radio

The Chicago Bears traded a fourth-round pick to Jacksonville for Nick Foles on Wednesday. 

For Damon Amendolara, this move speaks volumes.

“The Bears, by trading for [Foles], are admitting [Trubisky is] a bust,” Amendolara said on The DA Show. “They’ve admitted their mistake. They’ve now spent another draft pick – granted, only a fourth-rounder – but another draft pick to try to solve the Trubisky problem, the quarterback problem. They traded a haul of draft picks already to move up to get Trubisky and now have to trade away another fourth-rounder to solve Trubisky.”

Trubisky, the No. 2 overall pick in 2017, has thrown for just 48 touchdowns in 41 career games. For context, Patrick Mahomes has thrown for 76 touchdowns in 31 career games, and Deshaun Watson has thrown for 71 touchdowns in 38 career games.

Trubisky went eight picks before Mahomes and 10 picks before Watson.

“Hopefully Foles will push him,” Amendolara said. “Hopefully Foles wins the job. It is not a good admittance. It is not a good admission. It is not a good statement for your franchise when you have Trubisky as your quote ‘franchise guy’ and you trade for Nick Foles. They’re just looking for pixie dust. It’s basically a Nick Foles Hail Mary. Woof.” 

Whether Bears GM Ryan Pace can recover from his Trubisky blunder is anyone’s guess.

“That’s going to stick with Pace forever,” Amendolara said. “That is a career-defining decision. That in a draft that had two incredible quarterbacks that have already proven their worth – instead of Mahomes, instead of Watson – not only did you take Trubisky, but you traded up to take him. Woof.”