Wuerffel: There are some “really crazy characters” in the Heisman House

By CBS Sports Radio

If you’re a fan of college football, you’re probably a fan of the Heisman House commercials, which feature past Heisman winners, including Kyler Murray, Tim Tebow, Lamar Jackson, Derrick Henry, and Mark Ingram.

Florida Gators legend and 1996 Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel sure is.

“There are some really crazy characters that are a part of that,” Wuerffel said on The DA Show. “Some of the Heisman House stuff is acting, but trust me, some of it’s just guys letting their personalities shine.”

Wuerffel said the Heisman Trophy ceremony is one of his favorite events of the year. He loves spending time with past winners and welcoming a new member to the Heisman family.

“[My wife and I fly] to New York and we’d be there with a bunch of other Heisman winners and we’d welcome a new winner at the show live and in person,” he said. “And then there’d be several different banquets and receptions following, which is really a nice time to be together. This year, it’s obviously different, but they’re going to do it virtually so we’ll see how that works out. But there’s a neat bond [among Heisman winners].”

Wuerffel loves chatting with former Nebraska running back and 1983 Heisman winner Mike Rozier. In fact, Wuerffel called Rozier “my childhood idol.”

“[He’s] just a hoot of a guy,” Wuerffel said. “He’s always got hats on, a mink fur coat – you just never know what he’s going to be wearing. He’s really funny, but lots of the guys are great. I really enjoy the older guys.”

That includes former Army halfback and 1958 Heisman winner Pete Dawkins.

“Pete Dawkins is one of my favorite people in the world, and what he’s accomplished in his life, the Heisman is probably low on the list of what he’s done,” Wuerffel said. “It’s just so, so impressive to hear their stories and to hear how college football [has changed] throughout the years. It’s just pretty special.”

The 2020 Heisman ceremony is slated for Jan. 5. Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence, DeVonta Smith, and Kyle Trask are among the finalists.