Former Clemson QB: Tua Had To Go Pro

By CBS Sports Radio

Former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss Dabo Swinney, Clemson’s rise and, yes, Tua Tagovailoa’s decision to enter the NFL Draft.

Did Tagovailoa make the right choice in forgoing his senior year? Boyd says yes.

“Yeah, you have to,” Boyd said on Tiki & Tierney. “I think it was inevitable, so I don’t why people thought it was a surprise or they were shocked by it.”

There were rumblings that Tagovailoa, who had hip surgery in November might return to Alabama for his senior season.

“Look, man, you can only play this game for so long,” Boyd said. “One of the things that Coach Swinney always tells us, ‘This game really ends one of two ways: either you get hurt, or you end up not being good enough.’ Tua has been hurt. He wants to try to build on some type of momentum that he possibly can because we don’t know what happens one year to the next, but we do know he has an opportunity to maximize this time period right now. Whether he goes in the first round or whether he goes in the third, he’s still going to have an opportunity. As long as he got that chance, he has a shot.”

Tagovailoa had a productive career at Alabama. He won an SEC title, he won a national title, and he was Heisman Trophy finalist.

“He’s done everything he could at Bama,” Boyd said. “He left no stone unturned. I think it would be questionable if he hadn’t had the success that he’s had. I think that plays a lot into it, especially at that quarterback position. If we’re talking wide receiver, if we’re talking running back, it’s a little bit different. But when you got a guy that’s been behind enemy lines for so long just getting attacked and sacked and everything else of that nature, who led in such a positive light, he’s always been optimistic, he’s always been real – you want to see a guy like that succeed and go out on top, and I feel like he has despite that injury.”