Grunhard: Mahomes has the "It factor" that Joe Montana had

Patrick Mahomes Chiefs
Photo credit USA Today Images
By CBS Sports Radio

If anybody understands the magic that Patrick Mahomes brings to the Kansas City Chiefs’ huddle, it’s Tim Grunhard. 

No, the former Pro Bowl center never played with Mahomes – in fact, he retired in 2000 – but he did play with Joe Montana. 

Remember Montana’s iconic Monday Night Football win over John Elway and the Denver Broncos in October 1994? Yeah, Grunhard played in that.

The Chiefs trailed 28-24 with 1:29 to go, and that’s when the magic of Montana took over.

“Joe walks into the huddle and cracks a joke, something about the cheerleaders’ chaps that they’re wearing,” Grunhard recalled on The DA Show. “We all kind of look at him, [and he goes], ‘Hey, guys, this is what I do. Don’t worry about it. I got it, let’s go.’ At that point we’re like, ’I guess this guy’s got it. Let’s go.’ And we did and he did and we won that game.”

Montana connected with Willie Davis for a 5-yard touchdown pass with eight seconds to go to win the game.

“It was just that kind of confidence and that kind of attitude that we didn’t have in that huddle [prior to Montana],” Grunhard said. “That’s what Patrick Mahomes brings to the huddle when he goes in. Even though he’s in his third year, Patrick Mahomes brings that kind of charisma into that huddle where those guys believe anything he says, anything that he can do, they believe in.”