Ice Cube Shuts Down Smack Talk About Lakers

By CBS Sports Radio

Ice Cube dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Thursday to discuss all of the changes to the BIG3, which will unveil a brand of basketball called FIREBALL3. In addition to a four-point shot and a 14-second shot clock, the ball will be red, players as young as 22 will be eligible to enter the league (down from 27), and teams will be able to settle foul-call disputes with a single-possession game of one-on-one.

While Ice Cube spoke at length about the exciting changes to the league, Brandon Tierney couldn’t help but talk a little smack about Ice Cube’s Lakers.  Sure, the Lakers (33-8) have the best record in the West, but Tierney believes the Clippers (28-13), who are currently fourth, will eliminate the Lakers come playoff time.

“Are you having a stroke right now?” Ice Cube said on Tiki & Tierney, prompting laughter from Tierney and co-host Tiki Barber. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t understand the words that’s coming out of your mouth at all. Somebody check his pulse.”

Tierney reminded Ice Cube that Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers beat the Lakers, 112-102, in the season-opener.

“Man, it was the first game of the season,” Ice Cube said. “Everybody got excited. I got excited. LeBron said, ‘Relax, y’all.’ And you look up, and they’re at the top of the conference.”

Indeed, the Clippers trail the Lakers by five games in the standings.

“Who?” Ice Cube said, prompting laughter again. “I don’t have no rearview mirrors, man. I don’t have no rearview mirrors.”

The Lakers, who also lost to the Clippers 111-106 on Christmas Day, next play the Clippers on Jan. 28.