Gelb: If the Bears miss the playoffs, Nagy and Pace have to go

By CBS Sports Radio

The Chicago Bears got off to a great start this season. They won their first three games and were 5-1 through six weeks. It appeared they would cruise to the playoffs for the second time in three years.

Then the last three weeks happened. The Bears (5-4) have lost three in a row and are currently eighth in the NFC. 

Translation? Not a playoff team.

And that needs to change – or head coach Matt Nagy could be on the chopping block.

“His offense is not performing, and statistically they are horrible in almost every category,” Zach Gelb said on The Zach Gelb Show. “If the Bears fail to make the playoffs after going 5-1 – now 5-4 – with a remaining schedule that is not all that difficult . . .  Matt Nagy’s got to go. And if you’re moving on from Matt Nagy, you should also definitely move on from [general manager] Ryan Pace because Ryan Pace hired this genius in Matt Nagy – and not only that, Ryan Pace is the man who is solely responsible for passing up on Deshaun Watson, passing up on Patrick Mahomes, and taking Mitch Trubisky.”

Indeed, the Bears drafted Trubisky second overall in 2017. The Chiefs drafted Mahomes at No. 10, and the Texans took Watson at No. 12. Mahomes has won an MVP, a Super Bowl, and a Super Bowl MVP, while Watson is a two-time Pro Bowler.

Trubisky is, well, Trubisky.

“I’ll never forget being at that draft,” Gelb said. “[The Bears] traded up from 3 to 2 and they took Mitch Trubisky. I said, ‘What the heck are they doing?’ This is not a second-guess. In the moment, I said, ‘What the heck are they doing?’ Talk show host Zach Gelb didn’t know that Patrick Mahomes was going to be great, but what I saw in college, I saw greatness in Deshaun Watson, and I never understood why they didn’t draft Deshaun Watson. 

“But here’s the difference,” Gelb continued. “I’m a talk show host who didn’t know Patrick Mahomes was going to be great. Ryan Pace’s job is to be able to identify who is going to be great. And he was picking the most important position in sports, and he didn’t just fail; he failed miserably, and he projectile-vomited everywhere on that pick. It’s his job to know to take Patrick Mahomes – or, at a bare minimum, take Deshaun Watson. And for whatever reasons they were, he fell in love with Mitchell Trubisky, who is not getting a second contract.”

Trubisky has had his moments for the Bears, but the accuracy – and production – haven’t been there, at least not consistently. He was benched for Nick Foles in Week 3.

The Bears, meanwhile, rank 29th in the league in both total offense and scoring offense (19.8 points per game).

“Let me make this abundantly clear if you haven’t already processed it: no excuses for the Bears this year,” Gelb said. “They started out 5-1. They are now 5-4. If they don’t find a way to win enough games in the next seven games to qualify for the postseason, Ryan Pace [should be fired] – and take Matt Nagy with you.”

The Bears will try to stop the bleeding Monday against Minnesota (3-5). Kickoff from Soldier Field is slated for 8:20 p.m. ET.