Rampone: College Football Parents “Have To Trust The Process”

By CBS Sports Radio

Former U.S. women’s national team captain, three-time Olympic gold medalist and two-time World Cup champion Christie Pearce Rampone dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday to discuss her new book, “Be All In: Raising Kids for Success in Sports and Life.”

The book, which she co-authored with Dr. Kristine Keane, offers practical, real-world advice to youth athletes, parents, and coaches to ensure the best possible experience for all.

Rampone applied some of the book’s lessons to college football, where, for example, parents are speaking out against the Big Ten for canceling or postponing fall sports.

“It’s the same thing in youth sports; they have to trust the process,” Rampone said on The DA Show. “They have to trust where they’re putting their children into the hands of and just respect their protocols and their guidelines and continue to communicate with their own child about what they need to do for everything to open up and respecting and following the guidelines. If you need to be in a bubble, that’s what you have to do right now in order for sports to come back and come back at a level that we all can participate in or watch at the pro level.”

Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields started an online petition asking the Big Ten to reinstate the fall season. The petition has already garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures.

“I think it’s up to the child and the athlete holding themselves accountable for their own voice,” Rampone said. “When you start having parents pushing and speaking for their child, there’s a lot that gets misguided. That starts from such a young age of these parents pushing their youth athletes. As a coach, I want the child or the athlete speaking to me. I can’t even imagine at a higher level a parent coming up and trying to dictate what’s going on at the higher level.”