Tiki & Tierney: Ravens Make A Lot Of Football Sense For AB

By CBS Sports Radio

NFL MVP Lamar Jackson made headlines Wednesday, this after Ravens receiver Marquise Brown posted an Instagram photo of their workout together. 

What made this newsworthy, you ask? There was a third person in the photo. 

That person was Antonio Brown.

Would AB be a good fit for the Ravens, who are coming off of a 14-2 season?

“The answer is absolutely yes,” Tiki Barber said on Tiki & Tierney. “Last year, the Baltimore Ravens relied heavily on their tight ends for most of Lamar Jackson’s completions, which was good because he was so accurate to them and I think it made their offense that much more dynamic. Obviously [they had] Hollywood Brown on the outside, the tight ends in the middle, and the run game was one of the best in the National Football League. But if you put Antonio Brown on that squad as well, their passing game would be explosive. So, does it make football sense? Yeah. Does it make actual sense? I’m not so sure.”

(Marquise) Brown was actually Jackson’s top wide receiver last year. The rookie finished with 46 catches for 584 yards and seven touchdowns. Outside of Brown, Jackson was looking for tight ends Mark Andrews and Hayden Hurst – now with Atlanta – early and often.

Thus, Brandon Tierney agrees that AB would be a good on-field fit for Baltimore.

“The need for Antonio Brown, or an upgrade at wide receiver, is there,” Tierney said. “[But] do you have the proper infrastructure to absorb whatever baggage he brings into that locker room? He’s not traveling light. He has a little more than an overnight bag. And for me, the answer is yes. I believe they’ve got the proper infrastructure because I believe they’ve got the right coach; they’ve got the right organizational dynamic in terms of winning. Obviously Marquise is his cousin – that can’t hurt; Lamar Jackson seemingly wants to do this, so that’s a good starting point. 

“So the two questions: Do you have the proper infrastructure? Yes. Do you have the need? Yes. So check, check,” Tierney continued. “Now I’m already deeper in the process than I thought I would ever be – because I’m going to just lay it out as I’ve always laid it out with Antonio Brown: I don’t like Antonio Brown, nor do I trust Antonio Brown. However, if there’s one team in the NFL I can see this on the surface, do a little digging, see what the next step is – it might actually be the Ravens.”