Dakich: “Frank Reich Has Lost as Many Games as He’s Won”

Frank Reich Has Lost as Many Games as He’s Won
By CBS Sports Radio

Frank Reich has led the Colts to the playoffs in two of his first-three years as Head Coach. He sports a 58% win-percentage, which includes a playoff win in 2018.

However, Indianapolis radio host and former College Basketball coach Dan Dakich, isn’t a believer in Reich quite yet. “Nobody screwed up a playoff game like Frank Reich. You can make that argument,” Dakich said on The D.A. Show.

“Then, we sit here and listen to the national media guys argue that he's an elite coach. Really? That's an elite coach in the NFL? Frank Reich is a great dude. I think because he's got a religious background, people are afraid to criticize him. But every morning I watch, and when they talk about the Colts and call him an elite coach, I sit here and go, 'Are you insane?' The dude has cost as many (games) as he’s helped to win.” While Dakich is critical of Reich, he also acknowledged that he has positive qualities. Dakich believes Reich’s coaching helped elevate the play of Philip Rivers last season.

“My thought of Philip Rivers was that he’s a great guy, great quarterback, but he’s always going to throw a fourth quarter stupid pick. That was my thought. Then you watch him and you’re like, wait a second, this dude doesn’t have much arm (strength), but he sure throws it on time. This dude puts the ball where it needs to go. I got to give Frank Reich and (his staff) credit for that. I will. He was good. By the end of the year he was really good."

Nevertheless, Dakich is skeptical that Reich has the ability to do the same for Carson Wentz, who was recently acquired by the Colts in a blockbuster trade. “Wentz is a mess right now. But people tell us locals that Frank Reich is a quarterback whisperer. Frankly, I haven't seen it, but that's what people tell me. He didn't do it with Jacoby Brissett. We’ll see if he does it with Carson Wentz. We shall see.”

Dakich is skeptical of Wentz’s future production, but ultimately feels the trade was worth the risk. “The deal was good because the Colts have a lot of holes to fill. They got a left tackle issue, a corner issue and a wide receiver issue. They were able to get a quarterback and keep their number one pick, which enables them to go after a pretty deep draft class.”