Former 'Jeopardy!' champ Brad Rutter recalls time Alex Trebek 'came out with no pants on'


Brad Rutter, who has over $5.1 million in winnings from various gameshow appearances, is opening up about one of his most memorable moments with Alex Trebek from his time on "Jeopardy!."

While on “Jeopardy!,” Rutters shared with WOGL's Glenn Kalina that communication with Trebek rarely gets past pleasantries, but he was lucky enough to have had a relationship with him. “You’re really just not allowed to talk about much. I was lucky enough to be on the show so often that I got to know Alex a little,” he said.

However, there is one memory that sticks out for Rutter.

Back in 2005’s “Ultimate Tournament of Champions,” Rutter found himself competing with Ken Jennings and Jerome Vered. “We were so nervous, we were just all pale as a ghost,” Rutter remembers of the experience.

To calm their nerves, the contestants joked with each other about participating in the show without pants on. “What we didn’t realize was that our mics were live, and Alex heard us,” Rutter said.

Finally, when it came time to announce Trebek’s entrance, Trebek had a trick up his sleeve.  “Alex came out with no pants on,” Rutter said.

Rutter confirmed that Trebek’s sense of humor was unmatched, “even moreso in person than you would see on the show.”

As for Rutter’s future in television, he isn’t shutting down the possibility of hosting “Jeopardy!” one day. “Yeah – I would love to host something. It’s a lot of fun,” he said. But his television dreams don’t stop at gameshows.

“I have a couple pilot concepts for sitcoms that I’d like to start taking out there. Honestly my dream job is to be a series regular on a sitcom,” he shared.

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