Colin Jost proudly sports wedding band on 'SNL' after marrying Scarlett Johansson


The secret's out! After getting married to Scarlett Johansson in an intimate, private ceremony, Colin Jost took to the "Saturday Night Live" stage with new adornments for his left hand.

During the special, hosted by comedian John Mulaney, Jost embarked on his typical "Weekend Update" segment with Michael Che - this time sporting a gold wedding band.

Che was quick to make a comment about Jost's new marriage.

He began by commiserating about the upcoming presidential election, saying, "the tension is just killing me." "I don't know what this world's gonna be after Tuesday," Che continued.

Che then went on to say that the outcome of the election could cause a riff, forcing the two to never see each other again.

"I may never see you again, Colin. I mean, we might both get drafted in the race wars. It's not fair, you just married Scarlett Johansson. And I just bought an electric bike, we're both doing equally great," Che joked.

Meals on Wheels America, an organization fighting for hungry and isolated senior citizens, announced the news of the Jost/Johansson wedding on their Instagram account Thursday.

"We're thrilled to break the news that Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost were married over the weekend in an intimate ceremony with their immediate family and loved ones, following COVID-19 safety precautions as directed by the CDC," the post reads.

The post acted as a donation vehicle, urging their followers to spare some change to Meals on Wheels America via the link in their bio.

"Their wedding wish is to help make a difference for vulnerable older adults during this difficult time by supporting @mealsonwheelsamerica. Please consider donating to celebrate the happy couple by clicking the link in our bio," the post concluded.

Jost and Johansson got engaged in May 2019 after dating for two years.

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