Costco is now selling a one year private jet membership for $17,500

The membership comes with a $3,500 Costco Shop Card and $4,000 flight credit
Photo credit Justin Sullivan / Staff

As anyone with a Costco membership knows; the wholesale retailer really does sell everything you could possibly ever need. Now, Costco has added yet another service to their line of products, and this one will benefit all their customers who like to travel. Costco is now selling a one year membership for a private jet for $17,500.

With many travelers still not comfortable flying commercial, Costco has decided to start selling memberships for Wheels Up, a private jet charter company. The $17,500 one year membership allows customers to book a private jet “as easily as a ride share or short-term vacation rental.” While the price may seem high just to use the service, Costco’s deal also comes with a $3,500 Costco Shop Card and $4,000 of flight credit.

Wheels Up has more than 300 private aircraft as well as over 1,250 partner aircrafts. For Costco shoppers interested in the service, it can be found online in the “Electronics” category or in-store with other gift cards. For Costco shoppers that love traveling, this may be the perfect item.

Via Fox Business