Courteney Cox reveals the ‘gross truth' about putting a raw turkey on her head in viral Thanksgiving dance


Courteney Cox gave fans an inside look at how the actress celebrated Thanksgiving this year, and vegan discretion is advised.

Earlier last week, the actress, 56, celebrated Thanksgiving by recreating the iconic 1998 “Friends” episode where Cox’s character, Monica, dances with a raw turkey with sunglasses on her head.

In a video posted to Instagram last week, the "Friends" star joked that all of her friends were sending her the same GIF of the old scene to wish her a happy Thanksgiving. Due to the overload of the same message, Cox decided to make a more recent GIF of her own.

Yesterday, Cox released a behind-the-scenes video where Cox attempts to shove her entire head into a raw turkey wearing sunglasses. The trick may have not been as easy as Cox had remembered it nearly two decades ago.

“That bone hurts. It really hurts!” Cox said as she tried to shove the raw bird over her head. “It’s so disgusting!”

With the bird half over Cox’s head, the actress asked “What’s not right about this?” A friend standing behind the camera answered, “Everything.”

The actress appeared to protect her face and hair from the bare insides of the bird by wrapping her head in plastic wrap.

"Hold on! I can't breathe!" she says at the end of the video while laughing. "Who's got the behind-the-scenes footage?"

Several of her 10.2 million Instagram followers responded to the playful holiday joke, including fans and famous friends.

“Ok u r super funny but I just saw your floor and I love it,” actress Julianne Moore commented referring to Cox's kitchen tiling. She replied, “that means more than anything.”

Actress Reese Witherspoon shared her support by commenting, “Love you sister!”

As for those craving more “Friends” nostalgia this holiday season, you can attempt to make Rachel’s infamous “trifle” or use up leftovers to make Ross Geller’s (David Schwimmer) “moist maker.

Earlier this month, Matthew Perry revealed the highly-anticipated sitcom reunion was being rescheduled to March 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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