Frontline Nurse, Fiancé in Remission From Hodgkin's to Wed After Months-Long Separation

By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- A frontline nurse and her fiancé will reunite at their wedding after spending months apart due to the pandemic — and 1010 WINS listeners are “invited” to the ceremony.

Ashley Isaacs, who works at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, will wed fiancé Israel Reches on Sunday, Aug. 9, in a small backyard ceremony set to broadcast live on 1010 WINS’ airwaves and website. 

The ceremony will be a joyous reunion for the two, who have been separated out of concerns for Reches’ health.

As Isaacs was working to save patients with COVID-19 this past spring, Reches was battling stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the couple told 1010 WINS’ John Montone.

Isaacs, Reches

“You have this conflict now where I want to take care of these patients, but I’m also afraid for my life. I’m afraid for my future husband’s life,” Isaacs said. “He’s immunocompromised and high-risk.”

And while Reches is now in remission, the two are still taking precautions to keep him healthy. The wedding itself will be limited to immediate family and wedding parties, and will not be followed by a reception, according to their wedding website, which has the appropriate URL of For their loved ones who won't be able to attend the wedding, they can shower the couple with gifts from their registeries at Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon.

Reches told 1010 WINS he knew Isaacs was the one when he met her.

“I met the girl. I met the girl and I felt differently about it. Everytime I spoke to her, I had butterflies. Everytime I saw her, I had butterflies," he said. “I couldn’t have dreamt of being with someone as amazing as Ashley is."

Isaacs, Reches

Their upcoming nuptials, Isaacs said, will be “emotional, that’s for sure.”

“I’ll need waterproof mascara,” she said with a laugh. 

Reches has done all of the work to plan their wedding ceremony, she added.

“He’s been my rock,” she said

“And she’s been mine,” he added.

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