WATCH: Healthcare worker tries to calm down anti-masker throwing tantrum at CVS


A video of a healthcare worker that tried to reason with an angry anti-masker in California has gained attention across the internet.

The incident in Los Angeles, California showed footage of a woman refusing to wear a face mask inside a CVS, the Daily Dot reported.

Twitter user Ty Stiklorious captured a bizarre episode and posted it on social media. The video has received more than 30,000 likes so far.

"My son & I were at CVS in Los Angeles, the epicenter of the virus where 1 person is dying every 10 mins from COVID-19 & this woman was refusing to wear a mask & arguing with everyone," said Stiklorius. "The selfishness she exhibited was intense. It blew our minds. My 10-yr-old has more sense."

In the clip, the woman can be heard arguing with employees at the pharmacy that she should not wear a face mask.

"Doesn't it occur to anyone that this doesn't make any sense?" the woman says. "That healthy people should be treated like they're sick?"

One employee asked the anti-masker to follow the rules like everyone else. Suddenly the woman says that she shouldn't have to follow the store's policies and the state mandate.

"Why would I follow the nonsensical rule?" she asks. "Why would I be treated like a sick person?"

The woman also said that she is "entitled to service" despite declining to abide by the company's policies.

When the employees explain how they can deny her service as a private business, the woman says that she has a health condition that bars CVS from denying her service.

"I will report you. I will report you," the woman says. "So you are breaking a law here, not me."

However, in a second video, the woman is confronted by a healthcare worker who tries to explain how severe the COVID-19 pandemic is. The healthcare worker says how hospitals are overwhelmed with patients who have the coronavirus.

"There's like 36 people with COVID in the ICU. Whenever there's a flu, there's only two or three patients at a time in the ICU," the healthcare worker explains. "Literally the entire hospital is COVID cases. This has never happened."

After several people approach the woman, she says that she is not "crazy" after an older woman offers her a mask.

"I'm a healthy person. I'm not crazy," she says. "This is like psychosis for everyone to put all this stuff on their face when they're healthy."

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