Here’s the perfect Christmas sweater for your pet chicken


If you are too chicken to wear an ugly Christmas sweater, then don’t fret.

Etsy has the cutest festive gear to get the actual chicken in your life into the holiday spirit, reported Cosmopolitan.

The red crocheted sweater features a fuzzy white trim and white wooden Santa Claus buttons that will make the feathered fashionista in your life the envy of all the chicks.

The yuletide fowl ensemble comes in four sizes, with measurements listed in case you are unfamiliar with poultry sizing.

The chicken Christmas sweater ranges in price from $16 - $20, depending on the size you pick.

“Do you have laying hens outside in the cold? Don't ruffle any feathers! Get those girls in a sweater to keep them happy and warm,” reads the description on the Etsy shop for AnimalFunandFashion.

Stock is running low and expect to receive your hen’s seasonal garb within one to two weeks.

Despite its cuteness, the outfit does come with a safety advisory.

“I have been advised that these sweaters may not be safe for chickens to wear constantly. They can interfere with molting, or their feet can become tangled in the yarn if the fit is not correct,” the notice said.

“Buyer holds all responsibility for the safety of their chickens.”

So don’t leave your chicken out in the cold this Christmas and order them a warm and fun holiday sweater.

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