Watch Jim Carrey play a fly in 'SNL' parody of VP debates


"Saturday Night Live" has gotten plenty of material to work with in the past few weeks with the debates in full swing. Now, with the VP debates behind us and one fly stealing the show, "SNL" has taken an interesting turn.

With Beck Bennett making an appearance as Mike Pence and Maya Rudolph reprising her role as Kamala Harris, the two kicked off the debate by introducing themselves and being seated behind plexiglass dividers.

Kate McKinnon could be seen playing the part of moderator Susan Page. "Tonight, we'll be discussing a 'who cares' number of topics, each lasting 'I couldn't tell you' minutes," she began.

Toward the middle of the sketch, the camera cuts to Jim Carrey, playing Joe BIden, alongside his wife Jill, played by Heidi Gardner. Trying to find a way to make his presence known at the debate, Carrey finds a way to be "teleported" to the debate and shows up as a fly.

He perches on Bennett's head and continues to comment on the things Bennett and Rudolph contribute to the debate.

The bit makes multiple references to "The Fly," the 1980s science fiction film starring Jeff Goldblum.

In a further reference to the film, which features two flies, the sketch then took a turn for the wacky when Kenan Thompson reprised his role as Herman Cain, reincarnated as a fly.

The skit ends when Harris hits Pence with a fly swatter.

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