The Best Tweets About This Week's Weather

Because 70 degree temperature swings are NOT normal
Photo credit Getty Images

Denver set multiple records with our massive temperature swings and erratic weather patterns. At least some Coloradans kept their sense of humor about it! Here are some of the best tweets about our crazy weather from this week.

1. Poetry and snowstorms are like peas and carrots.

2. An unfortunate time to forget the date.

3. Looking on the bright side.

4. Not in search of new residents.

5. To be fair, Kyle Clark usually crushes on twitter. This very 2020 simile is no exception.

6. Good Christmas gifts for your cousin Brock who moved here in May.

7. SO close!

8. He seriously knows EVERYTHING.

9. Chalk it up to short-term memories.

10. I think we might know where to find those!