We Now Know What Tobias Forge of Ghost Looks Like

The mysterious frontman appeared unmasked for the first time

Ghost frontman Tobias Forge has come out of the shadows. The mysterious leader of the theatrical metal band from Sweden appeared au naturel for the first time on French TV.

The unassuming, fresh-faced 37-year-old walked in to the surprise interview on TMC wearing black pants, a black t-shirt and a thick black leather jacket. The host asked Forge about where the inspiration for his GRAMMY-winning band came from.

“For as long as I’ve been interested in rock music, many of the bands that I liked sported some sort of imagery or they had a strong presentation,” Forge said. “When it came to Ghost… it just felt very natural to – that is going to be super-theatrical.”

Forge didn’t even reveal who he was until 2017 when he had to respond to a lawsuit filed by four former members of Ghost. They had accused him of cheating them out of money.

Forge sports a dramatically different look and becomes unrecognizable when he steps into his Cardinal Copia persona on-stage. The transformation was on display when Ghost performed two songs, including “Dance Macabre,” on the same episode of Quotidien.