AC/DC tease long-awaited comeback and prepare to make major announcement

Rumors of the group’s return have been floating around a while now

You have to go back to 2016 to find the last time AC/DC performed live in concert. Go even further back as it was 2014 when they last released a new studio album. That could all change very soon.

AC/DC appears to be gearing up for a major announcement as the Australian rockers sent social media abuzz with a new teaser video. Appropriately, the nine-second video shows a lightning bolt neon light similar to the band’s iconic logo flickering before powering up.

Just a day later, the band released a similar video showing the lightning bolt from the side before rapidly animating through different neon-shaped graphics.

Rumors of the group’s return have been floating around online for a while now as Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider recently claimed an AC/DC reunion album is finished.

Snider said the album “has been recorded,” but is currently delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even more interesting is Snider supporting rumors that the album will feature the four surviving members from the Back in Black lineup as well as recordings from the late rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young.

"This is gonna be a miracle of technology," Snider said. "What will be achieved, the reuniting of the band that we know for one more album, is gonna to be uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time. Because nothing goes on forever. But this is the ultimate 'one more time.'"

Snider’s comments fall in line with a social media post from a Brazilian AC/DC fan page showing a screenshot of a reported leak of press photos from the band’s website.

The photos show the band’s Back in Black lineup featuring Angus Young (guitar), Brian Johnson (vocals), Phil Rudd (drums), and Cliff Williams (bass). Playing rhythm guitar is Malcom’s nephew Stevie Young.

While the band hasn’t confirmed the rumored lineup or whether or not their new teaser videos relate to an album, all signs are currently pointing to a major AC/DC  announcement sooner rather than later.

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