Rock and metal bands are starting to cancel 2021 shows due to COVID-19

Groups want fans to save their money 'til it's safe to play

COVID-19 continues to seal the fate of rock and metal bands hoping to get back on tour early next year, as two groups have nixed plans to perform.

Monster Magnet originally planned to tour March 20 of this year, but postponed as public health conditions continued to deteriorate. They rescheduled shows for January and February of 2021 but according to their latest Facebook post, that seems unlikely.

“Unfortunately, due to ongoing COVID concerns and continued restrictions we are canceling our January/February 2021 USA tour,” the post read. “Holding your money and moving the tour for a second time hoping to be open where we move it to does not seem logical or fair at this point.”

Another group foreseeing the health concerns of touring next year is Rotting Christ. They say their rescheduled February 2021 “Devastation on the Nation” tour will take a back seat to precaution. “Having no clear picture of what the future holds plus more and more venues closed down we decided to not promise you something that we are not 100% able to provide you,” the group intimated in a recent Facebook post.

“It seems that our Metal Community is a strong and faithful family that everyone should be proud. Horns Up, brothers — We keep on going united…and until the end!”

Both groups stressed the importance for fans to retain their money during this difficult socio-economic period.

Some bands are working around COVID-19 and bringing their music directly to the fans. Back in August, Metallica took over drive-in movie theaters across the country with live performances featuring Three Days Grace

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