The SEALs have a mission for America's kids

Navy SEAL Kids
Photo credit DVIDS
By Connecting Vets

Kids stuck at home amid the coronavirus pandemic now have a job to accomplish — a mission from the Navy SEAL Foundation. 

"Time in quarantine doesn’t have to be boring and make us stir crazy. Let's bring back an old school classic together and BUILD SOME FORTS!!!!" an announcement from the foundation's Facebook page reads. 

At first, the foundation reached out to kids within the Naval Special Warfare community to participate by encourgaing them to build their best pillow fort and share it to social media. After the initial response, however, the foundation opened up the competition to all America's kids. 

The mission expansion came with an additional component — name your fort and add a message.

"Major virtual high five if you name your fort and add a message to the warriors of this country — the always ready SEAL community member or healthcare worker on the COVID-19 frontline," the mission reads. 

Coronavirus sends deployed USS Theodore Roosevelt to port, all crew members to be tested

As of last Friday, the Department of Defense community had over 600 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Certain overseas operations and deployments have gone on uninterrupted or have been extended as a result of the pandemic. The Navy has been hit disproportionately hard by the virus — with 133 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Thursday, the Navy accounts for roughly a third of the overall Department of Defense diagnoses. 

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