Army Con 2019: Live from the Army 10 Miler

CBS Eye on Veterans coverage of the Army 10 Miler race and Armycon 2019
Photo credit Briggs Illustration
By Connecting Vets

CBS Eye on Veterans recently attended the Army 10 Miler race in Washington DC.

Host, Phil Briggs discovered that it's more than just an event for runners, it's one of the Army's major recruiting events.  

Throughout the race weekend, the event known as "Army Con 2019" combined military hardware, elite special operations soldiers and esports.  The event showcased hi-tech Army careers for new recruits and also served as an opportunity for active-duty service members and veterans to see how they could join elite commands like Special Operations and Cyber Command.

Chris Pugh and Phil Briggs doing an interview at Armycon 2019
Above: Mr Chris Pugh, Recruting Officer, US Army Cyber Command and CBS Eye on Veterans Host, Phil Briggs

Video games are an essential part of the Armycon experience

Behind the Scenes: We interviewed Major General Omar Jones who shared what it takes to run a race through the streets of the nation's Capitol ... and what dangers the Army is ready for. 

We also interviewed US Army Recruting Command's Major General Frank Muth and Sergeant Major Tabitha Gavia who explained why the US Army believes ESPORTS and video gamers are going to be essential to creating the soldiers of the future.

What does it take to be US Army Special Forces in today’s Army?  We talked with Sergeant First Class, Mark Heidelberger, 5th Special Forces Group about the mission of the elite Green Berets, and Sergeant First Class Tryon about the diverse roles within Army Special Operations Command.

We also learned why the US Army Cyber Command now considered one of the most lethal parts of Army Special Operations.  Mr. Chris Pugh, Army Cyber Command Recruiter explains how both active duty and veterans are being considered to be one of the newest and most technical operators on the modern battlefield. 




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