Check out these 4 virtual career fairs just for veterans

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It's no secret that finding a job after the military can be one tough nut to crack. Knowing how to effectively translate all the experience and skills you've gained while wearing a uniform isn't exactly intuitive. 

But CareerEco, a Georgia company that plans and organizes virtual career fairs, has four scheduled this year, just for veterans. 

"The goal is to provide vets nationwide the opportunity for "real-time interaction with employers, but at a convenient location for them," CEO and founder of CareerEco Gayle Oliver-Plath tells ConnectingVets. 

And what's more convenient than in your own home? 

The virtual fairs are a win-win for job-seekers transitioning back to civilian life, and for companies who want to tap into a uniquely qualified workforce. 

"Veterans have all this great experience, great training, and wonderful backgrounds, but don't necessarily know how that translates into a corporate organization," says Oliver-Plath.

All that's needed is a computer and internet connection to register for the career fairs, which can be done here

Following registration, future attendees will have the opportunity to add specific training, level of education and even a cover letter to their profile, along with an updated resume. 

Oliver-Path stresses the importance of having a completed profile since all employers will have access to them, so even if you don't interact with a company they could still end up recruiting you. She also says it's a great opportunity for candidates to interview potential employers. 

When are they?

The next one is February 27. This fair, however, is only for veterans with at least some college. You can already be a graduate, or still be a student to take advantage of this opportunity. 

The rest is open to all veterans and will be hosted by HireHeroesUSA. Those dates are May 9, August 15, and October 24 of 2019. 

While these fair are just for vets, they can also take advantage of other ones targeted to other workers. 

This year, there will be two virtual career fairs for people with disabilities on March 13 and November 13. 

Then there are ones for specific industries, like education, public health, agriculture, information technology, and others. 

"Some are exclusive to individual universities, but others are for everyone across the workforce," adds Oliver-Plath. 

To learn more about all the career fairs upcoming, and to learn more about CareerEco, click here
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