Having trouble having a baby? VA says it can help.

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Military couples experiencing difficulty conceiving a child can turn to the Department of Veterans Affairs for help.

Thirteen percent of couples in the United States have trouble getting pregnant, according to a VA blog post. infertility is defined when a couple doesn’t get pregnant after 12 months of regular intercourse.

Trying unsuccessfully to have a baby can cause stress, the blog notes. And that’s where the VA can help. There  are many medical conditions that can cause infertility and the VA offers several different fertility treatments and services, including:

  • Infertility assessments and counseling
  • Blood testing.
  • Genetic counseling.
  • Imaging services, such as ultrasounds and X-rays.
  • Hormonal therapies.
  • Surgery.
  • Reversal of tubal litigation.
  • Reversal of vasectomy.

Eligible veterans with service-connected conditions that result in infertility may qualify for fertility help. Treatments include in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or other forms of assisted reproductive technology.

If you need help getting pregnant, schedule an evaluation with a VA provider. Then, your provider will help determine what services you need. VA will then refer you to a fertility specialist who will work with you to develop the right treatment plan.

“VA was very helpful in explaining the different treatment options available to me and supported me through every step of the process,” said one woman veteran in the post. “I would definitely recommend the VA’s fertility program.”

 You can also contact the Women Veterans Call Center at 1-855-829-6636.

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