CBS Eye on Veterans: The Voice of Shark Week, The New Rules of War and AMVETS suicide prevention

The voice of the Discovery Channel, Matt Baker, Author Sean McFate and AMVETS Joe Chenelly and Sherman Gillums Jr.
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On this episode of CBS Eye on Veterans:

Discovery Channel's big, bald voice guy

He has one of the most recognizable voices on television. But before he was a network voice over talent for Discovery Channel, and the narrator of shows like Shark Week, Matt Baker, was a United States Marine.

Matt Baker is the big voice of the Discovery Channel. But before he was on Shark Week, he was a Marine.

Baker shared with us how he went from the military to a job behind the microphone, and what it takes to become a voice actor.

 CBS Eye on Veterans Phil Briggs and the voice of Discovery's Shark Week Matt Baker
Shark Week's Devil Dog: Discovery Channel's big voice and Marine veteran, Matt Baker towers over Phil Briggs, Host of CBS Eye on Veterans. 

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Why the US is fighting wars the wrong way ...

Sean McFate is an Army Airborne veteran, strategy expert and author of “The New Rules of War,” We discuss why war today is not what people think. And the way we fight needs to change if we want to defeat today’s global threats.

Sean McFate is an Army veteran, a defense strategy expert and author of the “The New Rules of War”

During our interview, McFate went into detail about China, Russia and a controversial theory about how our intelligence experts need to expand the use of the “Dark Arts” against our enemies.

Finding the Suicide Solution

AMVETS Director of Advocacy Sherman Gillums Jr and Executive Director Joe Chenelly were both recently on Capitol Hill and disappointed by the lack of progress lawmakers have made in establishing any programs that effectively lower suicide rates.  Gillums detailed the programs AMVETS is rolling out in order to help prevent veteran suicide.

AMVETS Executive Director Joe Chennelly and Director of Advocacy, Sherman Gillums Jr. talk about a new program they are using to help prevent veteran suicide.


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