Start your civilian career with an organization all about veterans

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By Connecting Vets

Our Employer of the Week series features one company each week that has made a commitment to hiring and supporting veterans. This week’s employer is the American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA).

AAFMAA is the nation’s oldest military financial services non-profit — it celebrated 140 years earlier this year. In addition to providing military members, vets and their families with financial products and advice, AAFMAA is committed to employing veterans and military spouses from all ages and backgrounds. 

"In 2013 I joined AAFMAA because I was looking for an organization that was not part of the military but still supported the military and veterans and was an organization focused on taking care of those that are in the service and who have served," retired Brigadier General Michael Meese, AAFMAA’s Executive Vice President. 

Meese served in the Army for 32 years and deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq nine times. When he retired, he joined AAFMAA's all-military leadership team.

"In addition to taking care of veterans and all our members being veterans, all of our leadership by our constitution has to be current or former members of the military," Meese said. "Our board of directors is all veterans. Our leadership is all veterans. And over 40 percent of our employees are either veterans or veteran spouses."

When it comes to supporting veterans and the military community, either financially or through careers, AAFMAA is the specialist. 

"It's particularly important because the needs of those in the military are different from many of the needs of others," Meese said. "AAFMAA is the specialist. Especially with military benefits, veteran benefits, and for their families, survivor benefits. We know that area better than anybody else."

To learn more about career opportunities with AAFMAA, click here.  

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