7 Eagle Group knows how to go beyond a resume — and land you a job

7 Eagle Group
Photo credit 7 Eagle Group
By Connecting Vets

Our Employer of the Week series features one company each week that has made a commitment to hiring and supporting veterans. This week’s employer is 7 Eagle Group.

7 Eagle Group's mission is to connect companies throughout the country with America's military veterans and spouses. 

"What we do is we reach out to businesses in all industries, encourage them to hire vets because we feel they are superior workers, and we then go and do some match-making and look for veterans who have the skills and character traits that these companies desire for their open positions," said Jordie Kern, 7 Eagle Group founder. 

"I've been a business owner my whole life and the number one struggle of any business owner is the employees — the people you hire," Kern said. "You want people who will run through a wall for you and do the job and give it their best every day and face adversity and be a leader and I thought this is a natural fit with military veterans."

In addition to employer-matching and networking, 7 Eagle Group also offers a wide range of resume assistance — even when those resumes aren't on paper. 

"I just feel like the resume is so outdated. It hasn't changed in a hundred years and to judge somebody based on a sheet of paper is ludicrous," Kern said. "And I thought with technology there's got to be a better way to give hiring managers and CEOs a really good and more accurate glimpse of that candidate than a piece of paper." 

And so, 7 Eagle Group recruiters started to shoot, edit, and provide companies with two-minute videos showing candidates discuss their life and work experience. 

"It's not a charity we're doing," Kern said. "We're getting some superstar people for these companies. Everybody really wins and it's been such a great ride and I absolutely love the work I get to do every day." 

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