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Jewel-Osco has been the go-to grocery store brand in the Chicago area for over 100 years. The store, part of the privately held Albertsons Inc., prides itself on supporting local businesses, local brands, local farmers, and being involved in the community as a grocery chain. The store is also attending this weekend's Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium Veterans Expo to share its veteran support opportunities. 

In Chicago? This expo will have everything a veteran could need

Jewel-Osco's store and department manager programs can last 3 to 5 years for those with college degrees — but for those with military experience, Jewel-Osco expedites the training. It can take as little as two years, or even one. 

"If we have a veteran or military personnel with experience, leadership, and customer service we can fast track them to make that program two years or one and a half years," said Nikole Wallace, a recruiter with Jewel-Osco. " We cut the program in half and make it smaller for them because they have the leadership qualities beyond the military."

And the diversity of opportunities with Jewel-Osco is larger than you might think. 

"It's not just a bagger or a cashier," Wallace said. "If that's something they want to do great, but we're also going to offer them opportunities and advancements."

Outside of expedited training, Jewel-Osco also supports both veterans and family members with targeted resources, fund raising, and donations to veteran support organizations. 

"We think it's important because they protect our rights and freedom in this country and this is a way for us to give back to them," Wallace said. 

To learn more, visit Jewel-Osco's table at the Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium Veterans Expo.

Not in the Chicago area? Visit the Jewel-Osco veteran website

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