Religious rights group threatens VA with lawsuit over headstones with swastikas

Fort Sam Houston Cemetery
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A military religious rights group is threatening the Department of Veterans Affairs with a lawsuit if they do not "immediately" remove three headstones with swastikas from VA cemeteries in Texas and Utah. 

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is an organization dedicated to "ensuring that all members of the United States Armed Forces fully receive the Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom." They also recently mounted an attack against a chaplain from South Korea who allegedly distributed a controversial book titled "Coronavirus and Christ" to his subordinates. 

This Army chaplain sent soldiers a book about how God sent coronavirus to punish us

Now, the group is demanding Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie remove three headstones marking the burial sites of German Prisoners of War from VA cemeteries.

Each of the headstones includes a German inscription and a swastika insignia. Wilkie must "eradicate" the headstones in question, explain why they were buried alongside American veterans in the first place, and issue a "heartfelt apology to all United States veterans and their families," according to MRFF's demands.

"MRFF hereby demands that V.A. Secretary Robert Wilkie IMMEDIATELY replace the gravestones of all German military personnel interred in VA National Cemeteries so that ABSOLUTELY NO Nazi-era symbols, such as the repulsive swastika, and no homages to Adolph Hitler, or the German people and the German fatherland he led as the evil Fuhrer of the Third Reich, will ever again be allowed to appear on such gravestone," a statement from MRFF founder and Air Force veteran Mikey Weinstein reads. 

VA has already acknowledged that they're aware of the headstones -- they've also said they are not authorized to remove them. The headstones were placed in the Fort Sam Houston and Fort Douglas Post cemeteries more than 30 years before those cemeteries fell under VA jurisdiction. And now they're protected, the department says.

"The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 assigns stewardship responsibilities to federal agencies, including VA and Army, to protect historic resources, including those that recognize divisive historical figures or events," VA said in a statement to MRFF. "For this reason, VA will continue to preserve these headstones, like every past administration has."

MRFF "condemned" VA's response in the "strongest possible manner."

"Really? According to the VA, Hitler and his evil, genocidal Third Reich are merely “divisive historical figures or events," now?! DISGUSTING and REPREHENSIBLE!!!" MRFF's response to VA's statement reads. 

Now, MRFF has begun "caucusing" with its lawyers to "determine the viability of expeditiously filing suit against the VA in Federal Court."


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