IAVA planning virtual march across America this Veterans Day

Photo credit IAVA
By Connecting Vets

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America wants to virtually reinvent how Veterans Day is celebrated this year in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

During a Facebook Live event Tuesday, IAVA Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Butler and Chief Operating Officer Scott Ullman outlined plans for the first of its kind Support America’s Veterans (SAV) March, a virtual nationwide parade set for Nov. 11. 

"It’s a way for veterans to find other veterans in their community and get together with civilians to bridge the divide,” explained Butler.

Participants can register here to commit to marching a mile at a time. Ullman said the goal is to virtually march 2,093 miles.

 “The theory here is that if we can find 2,093 folks, that’s 2,093 miles, the shortest distance coast to coast across the United States,” he said. “This is achievable within this community.”

Those taking part in the march are also encouraged to pledge to raise $100 for IAVA for every mile they march on Veterans Day and to recruit friends and family to help them meet their fundraising goal. 

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 IAVA seeks to empower, unite and connect post 9/11 veterans. Money raised during the march will support its programs and services.   

“This idea was born out of COVID,” added Butler. “It’s kind of a necessity.”

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Butler and Ullman also see the march as a way to bring the country together and show support for those who have served on Veterans Day.

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