IAVA steps up to provide quick help to vets during pandemic

Photo credit IAVA
By Connecting Vets

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America has launched a new support program in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Quick Reaction Force provides 24/7 confidential peer-to-peer support, comprehensive care management and resource connections for any assistance a veteran requires.

The newly expanded program ensures that all veterans, regardless of their service era, discharge status, and geographic location will have access to vital information and resources, said Jeremy Butler, IAVA’s CEO.

“We want to provide all veterans and their family members with easy access to the information and resources they need in order to safely navigate this crisis and whatever comes next,” he said.

The QRF provides veterans and their family members with free help for everything from benefits and employment assistance to mental health, Butler said.

“The QRF program is an important part of IAVA and we urge veterans going through hard times to reach out, any time of day or night,” he added.

To learn more about the program, call 1-855-91RAPID or visit https://iava.org/rrrp-about/ .

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