March saw lowest rate of veteran unemployment in 20 years

March saw lowest rate of veteran unemployment in 20 years
Photo credit Photo courtesy of DVIDS
By Connecting Vets

This March saw the lowest rate of veteran unemployment since 2000, according to a report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The unemployment rate for male veterans in March 2019 was 2.9 percent and 2.6 percent for female veterans. The lower unemployment rate for female veterans is a trend consistent with recent statistics. 

In March of last year, the unemployment rate of all veterans was 4.1 percent — 1.2 percent higher than the overall unemployment rate this year of 2.9 percent. The report estimated that these percentages equated to roughly 269,000 unemployed veterans in March 2019, down from 392,000 unemployed veterans in March 2018.  

Unemployment rates for veterans in March were slightly lower than percentages for the general population — 3.6 and 3.3 percent for adult men and women respectively. 

The March veteran unemployment rate peaked at 9.9 percent in 2011 and has been decreasing ever since.

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