A Cop, a Singer, a Warrior and the Purple Whisky Bag

CBS Eye on Veterans Mike Deeley fights ALS, Navy vet Sailor Jerri and Thomas Rhett promote Crown Royal Purple Bag Project and NYPD cop Chris Strom's book Brooklyn to Baghdad
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Veterans and ALS

Since 2001 there have been more veteran lives lost to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease" than those that died in combat during both the Iraq and Afghan wars.

Mike Deeley is a Navy veteran fighting ALS and helping spread awareness

Mike Deeley is a Navy veteran and former Aviation Electrician who recently shared his battle with the disease and explained how we can all help make a difference this holiday season.

Click here to read more about Mike and make a donation to the ALS Association 

Sailor Jerri

She’s known as Sailor Jerri, but before she appeared on this year’s CMA awards with Thomas Rhett, she worked on fighter jets in the Navy.

Navy veteran and rising country star Sailor Jerri with Thomas Rhett supporting  the Crown Royal Purple Bag Project

Jerri shares her story, her music and how we can send our love to the military this holiday season through the Crown Royal Purple Bag Project.

Christopher Strom's new book “Brooklyn to Baghdad,” tells his story from former NYPD cop to being part of the elite counterinsurgency group "Phoenix Team".

Chris Strom is a former NYPD Counter Terrorsim Cop, Iraq veteran and author of Brooklyn to Baghdad.

Chris takes you on a harrowing journey from stopping terrorists in a post-911 New York to working alongside Special Operations taking down insurgent leaders.

Hear his full interview on the podcast VetStory, "From NYPD Cop to Interrogator in Iraq" 

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