Taliban claim responsibility for American soldier killed in Afghanistan today

Mortar livefire in Afghanistan
Photo credit Photo by Sgt. Nicholas Brown-Bell
By Connecting Vets

On Monday, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the death of an American soldier killed in Afghanistan, they claim by a roadside bomb. The Department of Defense confirmed that a soldier had been killed but is withholding the name and details until the service member's family can be properly notified.

Monday's KIA brings the total number of American soldiers killed in Afghanistan in 2019 to 20. Over 2,400 American troops have been killed in Afghanistan since 9/11.

Monday's attack comes as the United States and the Taliban are holding peace negotiations. The likely reason for continued Taliban attacks during these negotiations may be to further incentivize the U.S. government by reminding them of the costs of remaining at war. Dr. Henry Kissinger writes in "Diplomacy" that countries at war should strive to acheive basic peace terms while still in conflict because if issues are left unresolved until afterwards then, "the most determined power ends up in possession of the prizes and can be dislodged only by a major confrontation." 

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