Why is Veteran's Affairs re-tweeting Seb Gorka?

Photo credit Getty, Photo by Alex Wong
By Connecting Vets

This Veteran's Day, the official VA Benefits Twitter account re-tweeted a message from former White House advisor Sebastian Gorka. Gorka's original Tweet mentioned the undersecretary of VA Benefits and tagged their official Twitter account. The re-tweet thanks Gorka for helping to spread the word.  

Veteran-turned-political activist Travis Ackers took exception to Veteran's Affairs re-tweeting someone he sees as a problematic personality, going as far as to ask VA why they are appearing to endorse the words of a - in Ackers' words -"Nazi." Gorka has some very curious links to fringe right-wing groups in Hungary, not to mention some odd ideas about American foreign policy. The one time instructor at the Special Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg gained notoriety for his vanity license plate that says "art of war" and his tough guy posts on social media. For many veterans, he comes across as the "almost served, but" type of guy you meet at a veteran's event.

The VA Benefits account responded by blocking Ackers. Amid subsquent complaints, the VA Benefits account unblocked him soon after and offered a half hearted non-apology.

Connecting Vets reached out to Veteran's Affairs for clarification on the incident, whether they were endorsing Gorka's politics, and why they had blocked Ackers. Despite being told that they were working on a statement, none was provided by publication deadline. 

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