Pinups for Vets has a digital morale boost for you with the viral #DontRushChallenge

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By Connecting Vets

Pinups for Vets is doing a little digital morale-boosting during the coronavirus pandemic by participating in a viral video making challenge that’s taken social media by storm.

The #DontRushChallenge is set to the song “Don’t Rush” by Young T and Bugsey. Those taking part show off their best looks, transforming from their typical at home look to their glamorous best. Videos often are uploaded and shared on Tik Tock and Instagram.

But, that’s not exactly what PinUps for Vets did in its video. Instead, the women who participated -- all veterans themselves -- reversed the challenge. They went from their glam looks to how they appear when in military uniform.

“We wanted to put our patriotic spin on it,” explained said Gina Elise, who founded the award-winning non-profit that serves the veteran and military communities in 2006.

“Most of the ladies are veterans and have finished with their military service,” said Elise. “Many of them have said that volunteering with our organization has helped them to reclaim their femininity post-service.”

The catalyst for Pinups for Vets was Elise’s late grandfather, a World War II veteran she wanted to honor. Drawing inspiration from World War II pin-ups such as Betty Grable sparked the idea for the popular Pinups for Vets calendar the organization produces annually.

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