Space Force says it's COVID-free, contradicting Pentagon report

Space Force
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This week, the Pentagon gave the Space Force its own spot on the Department of Defense COVID-19 scoreboard for the first time since the Pentagon started reporting coronavirus infection rates nearly three months ago. However, Space Force is now disputing the Pentagon's reporting, arguing the military's newest branch remains free of the virus.

DoD COVID Scoreboard

The Space Force joined the COVID-19 chart with a reported 6 positive cases of coronavirus -- a concerningly high number considering the force is currently only 88 strong. However, the Air Force is disputing those cases, first reported. An Air Force official confirmed that the Space Force currently has no positive COVID-19 cases and both Space Force and the Department of the Air Force are looking into how COVID-19 reporting measures can be standardized. 

At the time of this article's publication, the DoD's COVID-19 data had not been updated and still showed Monday's reported data with six Space Force cases. 

While Space Force currently only has 88 members, roughly 16,000 airmen from what was previously Air Force Space Command have been temporarily assigned to assist with Space Force operations. Of those airmen, about 6,000 will be given the opportunity to join Space Force permanently. About 8,500 other airmen recently applied to transfer over to the DoD's newest branch. 

8,500 airmen signed up to transfer to the Space ForceDoes Netflix own the trademark on America's Space Force?

In total, as of Monday morning, the DoD reported 14,073 positive cases of COVID-19 across the entire force. As has been true since the very early days of reporting, the vast majority of those positive cases are among active-duty troops, including three deaths. 


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