Annie can help veterans cope with COVID-19

Photo credit Department of Veterans Affairs
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Veterans looking for ways to stay safe or manage stress during the COVID-19 pandemic can look to Annie for help.

Annie is the VA’s automated text messaging program that sends health information and self-care reminders straight to any cell phone with texting capabilities 

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    Coronavirus precaution messages can help you understand and monitor symptoms of the disease. These messages include tips on actions you can take to protect yourself and help you monitor for viral symptoms. They also help you assess what to do if you are experiencing symptoms, including whether to contact your care team or a nurse triage line.

A few times a week, Annie sends a text asking if you would like a coping tip. If you reply ‘yes,’ Annie sends one of more than 60 activities that you can do to help decrease feelings of anxiety, anger, depression, and isolation. 

To participate in the Annie program, you must first register online.

Once your registration is complete you can subscribe to Annie’s health and wellness message protocols. Text Annie at 75338 with the word SUB and the protocol’s keyword.

  • For the Coronavirus Precautions protocol, text SUB COVID.
  • For the Coping During COVID-19 protocol, text SUB COPE

Visit here for a list of other Annie message protocols that are currently available.

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Visit Annie on the VA App store for more information and instructions. If you need additional assistance or have questions, call 877-327-0022 from  8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

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