VoteVets and Concened Veterans for America talk teaming up to end the "forever wars"

VoteVets co-founder Jon Soltz and CVA Senior Advisor Dan Caldwell
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By Connecting Vets

The conservative Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) and the liberal VoteVets have been facing off over several issues for years. They'd talk about each other, but never to each other. As it turns out though, when they finally did sit down and speak, they had some things in common. 

For VoteVets and CVA that common ground is foreign policy—specifically bringing an end to the "forever wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We sat down with Marine Corps vet Dan Caldwell, former executive director of CVA and Army vet Jon Soltz, co-founder and chairman of VoteVets to discuss how their partnership on this issue came about, what they hope to accomplish, and why they'd like to see more cooperation across political lines.

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