Veterans with PTS can receive a free weighted blanket

Weighted blankets
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Is there anything more comforting and calming than being wrapped up in a blanket?

Now, veterans with PTS who enter a six-week treatment program at the Northampton VA Medical Center in Leeds, Massachusetts will get to experience some blanket therapy themselves.

A free weighted blanket will be given to each veteran entering the treatment program as a result of a partnership between Friends of Ward 8, a non-profit that supports veterans at the medical center, and Magic Weighted Blanket

"I frequently hear from vets who tell me how much their Magic Weighted Blanket has helped them deal with painful flashbacks and troubled sleep,” said Keith Zivalich, who invented the blankets in 1998. “Through our partnership with Friends of Ward 8, we are thrilled to now have a more formal role in the treatment process that will help vets transition back to healthy civilian life."

Before partnering with Friends of Ward 8, Zivalich donated hundreds of weighted blankets to veterans battling PTS.

“We’ve seen these blankets make a noticeable difference in the veterans’ lives, including helping with anxiety and sleep,” said Gilbert Figueroa, President/CEO of Friends of Ward 8. “They are contributing to the overall effectiveness of the PTSD treatment program.”

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Zivalich invented the weighted blanket in 1998. The blanket is similar to a very large bean bag with an inner liner that is essentially a quilt. Each of the quilt squares is filled with a small amount of poly pellets, used for weight, which is evenly dispersed throughout the blanket. The weight causes it to mold around the legs, torso and arms, which feels like a hug. This hug sensation causes the body to relax, he explained.

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Veterans with PTS who are not taking part in the treatment program can reach out to the company and request a free blanket. You will be placed on a first-requested, first-sent mailing list. Veterans who don’t want to wait for a free blanket get a 20 percent discount when ordering.  

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