Couples can keep their relationships strong through WWP's virtual workshops

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Wounded warriors and their significant others have been spending a lot of time together recently because of the stay at home orders that were issued to combat the spread of COVID-19.

That forced togetherness is sure to be putting a strain on many relationships and Wounded Warrior Project has launched virtual mental health workshops to support wounded veterans and those they love.

"Wounded Warrior Project understands how important family and loved ones are in a warrior's recovery," said retired Lt. Col.  Michael Richardson, WWP vice president of independence services and mental health. "That's why we're especially proud to provide this virtual programming to those couples who are managing both the impact of military experience and now the effects of this global health crisis.”

The virtual couples workshops are an adaptation of WWP’s Project Odyssey, a mental health program that helps wounded veterans and their families manage post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and other stresses caused by combat through adventure-based opportunities and learning by establishing a connection with nature. 

Richardson said The 12-week program consists of teaching sessions and various exercises on friendship, communication, trust, commitment, and conflict management, and other topics.

“We are really excited about kicking this off, being proactive and going to a virtual platform,” he said.

Virtual workshop participants also have homework to do between the sessions with guided materials. WWP plans to launch similar virtual workshops soon to emulate the all-male and all-female Project Odysseys. Warriors and family members who participate in the virtual workshops will still be eligible to participate in the in-person Project 

“This is a challenging time, and we want warriors and their significant others to be equipped to persevere through any adversity,” said Richardson.

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