Don't forget military and their families this holiday season, USO urges

Photo credit USO

The USO is encouraging people across America to support the military and their families this holiday season.

“This is a tough time of year for service members and their families,” explained USO CEO and President Dr. J.D. Crouch II. “The central challenge of their life is really feeling separated from their family, their friends, their traditions. At this time of year, those things really come home to bite.”

The nonprofit relies on its donors to fuel its support of the nation’s military, he continued. This holiday season, the USO will distribute 40,000 special holiday care packages to service members around the world.

“Our job, our mission, in fact, is to strengthen service members by keeping them connected to family,” said Crouch.

USO airport centers nationwide will support large troop movements throughout the holiday season.

“Across our network of centers around the world, we’ll be doing all kinds of programming,” he continued. “It’s a little different this year with the pandemic, so we’re having to adapt to that.”

From Dec. 1-12, the USO will celebrate “12 Days of Gratitude” by highlighting one of its programs or services each day and thanking its community of supporters. To learn more, click here.

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