The 49ers of the 80's Sing! Music To Our Ears? You Decide

By 96.9 The Eagle

As the San Francisco 49ers head to the Super Bowl, we look back on the multi-talented teams of years past. The Niners were the first professional football team to record a song, and they were entitled to. After winning two Super Bowls in the space of four years, they were undoubtedly the team to beat at the start of the '80s. 

Here's the story

And here's the song!  I invite you to basque in the harmonies (kinda) of the voices of Dwight Clark, Ronnie Lott, Rodger Craig, John Frank, Dwight Hicks, Tom Holmoe, Guy McIntyre, Blanchard Montgomery, Renaldo Nehemiah and Bill Ring, otherwise known as  "The 49’er Squadron."

But wait - there's more. If that tune doesn't inspire the team of 2019, how about some 80's rap, Niners style?  

Here's wishing the 49ers luck on Super Bowl Sunday. And who knows - maybe this team has a song in their hearts too!