Steph Curry's Mom Sonya Talks Raising Fame

Sonya CUrry
By 96.9 The Eagle

Sonya Curry went from being known as NBA star Dell Curry's wife to NBA star Stephen Curry's mom. 


Have a look at some of Stephan's amazing career moments as Sonya talks about her oldest child. No wonder she is beloved within the NBA and beyond.   

Sonya and Dell taught their kids that no matter how good an athlete someone is, there will always be failures and letdowns. How you recover from these experiences defines what kind of a player you will be. And,  regardless of how old your kids are, as a parent their highs are your highs,and their lows can break your heart.    

steph and sonya

I had a lovely conversation with Sonya. She talks about growing up in Redford, Virginia, a town named after a family that owned about 100 slaves. Steph credits his mom for helping him develop the strength of  his voice on social and racial issues. And for the first time in N.B.A. history, brothers — Stephen and Seth Curry — were up against each other in a conference finals. Sonya talks about what a tricky situation that was as their parents. Listen as we talk mom to mom, grandma to grandma and podcaster to podcaster - Sonya and Dell have a new podcast called "Raising Fame.”