Mountain High - My Chat With Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows President Ron Cohen

ron head shot
By 96.9 The Eagle

I have loved Squaw Valley since I started skiing there at around age 4.  For me, any day is made better by being on that majestic mountain.  What started out as one chair lift and accommodations for 50 has turned into one of the largest ski areas in the United States. Squaw Valley has a fascinating history, and the 1960 Winter Olympics held there introduced the world to a Lake Tahoe region known to that point primarily for summer vacationing.   

Ron Cohen has been an outdoorsman all his life - talk about the perfect person to run Squaw/Alpine.  Ron confirmed what I have always suspected - that a small city runs these resorts, and that a good winter versus a dry one can have a huge economic impact on the Lake Tahoe community.

I don't know what you look at from your home or office window.  Ron sees a mountain that never fails to take my breath away. Listen as he explains the passion with which he and his team balance vital environmental issues with the business of running a ski resort.  And, check out his very diplomatic answer when I ask him about his favorite run.