The 49ers are Headed Back to the Big Dance

San Francisco 49ers
Photo credit Credit: Harry How / Staff / Getty Images
By 96.9 The Eagle

So the 49ers are heading to Miami… and my nerves are a mess.  It’s all I can think about.  I know they went to the Big Dance in the Harbaugh era, but I liken this band of brothers to that first Super Bowl team from the ’81 season.  Unproven coach/play caller, green rookies… NOTHING was expected of them.  Yeah, these guys have overachieved… and still have plenty of doubters.  And it’s no wonder, Kansas City is the real deal.  As for watching the game, I’ll need to be precise about where I’ll sit, what to wear, what to eat, and in what order.  Not that I’m superstitious, but if something bad happens, I don’t want anyone to blame ME.