That Time Jimmy Fallon Kissed Michael Jordan on the Lips


Jimmy Fallon once got up close and personal with Michael Jordan and it was uncomfortable to say the least.

Fallon opened up about his clumsy exchange with the NBA legend and revealed it involved exchanging an accidental kiss.

“I had a very awkward run-in with Michael Jordan,” the 45-year-old said while sneaker shopping in a video interview for Complex.

“I was at a golf charity event with [Derek] Jeter, and so I was playing with those guys. … We were at some nightclub at the end of the night, and Derek’s like, ‘Hey Jimmy, do you know Michael?’ And I go, ‘Yeah I know you.’”

This is where things start to go south.

He added, “And I went to say what’s up, and, I don’t know, I went to give him a kiss on the cheek and he went to give me a kiss on this cheek and we both like kissed on the lips.”

Fallon immediately felt mortified and confessed, “I thought I was gonna die.”

But Jordan took the incident like a pro and even tried to make "The Tonight Show" host feel better about the intimate moment.

“He grabbed me and he goes, ‘It’s okay,’” Fallon continued, before disclosing what happened the next time they ran into each other.

“I saw him a couple months ago at a restaurant … we kinda had a look,” he said jokingly. “He knows what happened.”

Luckily, Fallon didn’t have any awkward exchanges when BTS took over "The Tonight Show" on Monday night.

Instead he and the K-pop super group played a series of hilarious games on the NYC subway and ordered pastrami sandwiches at the legendary Katz’s Deli.

Fallon then posed with the “ON” hitmakers and gave off some serious boy band vibes.

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